The Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol is one of the most popular airgunsin the world. Extremely customizable, this airgun is great for plinking, targets and hunting. Moose and deer hunters are always looking for a great airgun for grouse, squirrels and rabbits. The 2240 is simply the best option for this. CO2 powered (x1 cartridge) Single-shot bolt action. Crosman.22 2240 Pro Kit (Air Pistol) CO2 Air Rifle - New (5) New. Somerset. Trade Seller. ... Custom Built PP800 K9 by B.A.M carbon fibre shroud, stock, cheekplate and filler port cap. comes with bipod, Umarex silencer, filler probe and magazines. barrel shroud. barrel shroud in blued steel and acetal, 300 x 25mm to fit 15mm dia barrel. £55.00. BNM Multi Shot Breech for Crosman 2240 , 1322..with shroud ! This is a BNM Multi-Shot breech.fits on crosman 13xx. 22xx It was gently and meticulously used for some backyard target shooting. ... Custom Crosman 2240/2250/2260 Shroud, Moderator And 18" 22 Barrel | eBay. New Crosman and Benjamin PCP and Break Barrel air guns have a limited 5 year. ask this member timo83 i just bought a 2240 from him and it has a Shroud on it so i think he live in ontario canada so i think he may have the answer about the Shroud Adolfo crosman 2240 (modded to target pistol).

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